LED lighting | Public lighting Son en Breugel

Street Lighting

Brighten up the streets. 

Safety first

Create a safe space for everyone. Uniform lighting guarantees high visibility and an optimal environment. Link an astronomic clock or motion sensors for an autonomic lighting system. Reassuring you will meet the latest sustainability and safety requirements.


  • Greatly reduced energy consumption (up to 70%)
  • White, bright and uniform lighting
  • Natural colour rendering
  • Low maintenance, long life span
  • Meet the latest environmental and safety regulations
LED lighting | Public street light Son en Breugel

The way to go

The Alba Pro series is designed to ensure social security and comfort on the streets, in public squares, parking garages and parks. Illuminate your paths in the park with warm colouring and the garage with cool white light. We customise the lighting to suit the application. 

Lumosa uses a different combination of lenses, depending on the specific light requirements, surroundings, area dimensions and specifications. Ensuring the best light for an evenly lit area.

Lumosa product | LED lighting | 60 degrees module

increased social security and comfort

In addition to the cost reduction induced by led lighting, the bright white light with its equal intensity ensures an increase of public safety in residential areas. In addition, it is possible to accurately focus the light with our led lamps, resulting in the proper illumination of streets and sidewalks while unnecessary stray light is reduced to a minimum level. Moreover, it is possible to control the lamps very easily, including switching them on and off and dimming them. This controllability can contribute to increasing the comfort of inhabitants and their level of safety. 

LED lighting | Public street lighting

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