LED lighting sport | golf driving range HTC Son


An elite sport.

Drive the game

Get your golf on during the evening. Lumosa LED lighting uses the latest technology for an optimal light display. Good light increases visibility and colours are perceived better. Keep your eye on the ball. 

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Highlight your performance

Our products excel in efficiency, sustainability and user-friendliness. We designed the Vista CS pro series especially for outdoor sports, like golf. The 8 LED modules, which are individually aligned, ensure an even and homogeneous light. This comes in extra handy when analyzing the surface of the green!


Every lighting design is custom-made. Lumosa uses a different combination of lenses, depending on the specific light requirements, surroundings, field dimensions and the specifications of your light post. Lumosa ensures the best light due to our innovative luminaire and precise lighting design. Ensuring beautiful and even light, without light scattering.

LED lighting sport | golf driving range HTC Son


  • Choose which part of the golf court to illuminate
  • Switch between modes: Game | Training | Walk | Off
  • Plan training sessions and matches in the planner or link to reservation systems  
  • Assign various levels of authorisation to trainers or volunteers
  • View your energy consumption in one overview
  • Link with other systems, like irrigation or access
Lumosatouch LED lighting sports | desktop view with power consumption of the Lumosa lights

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