LED lighting | Public lighting Kerkplein Skating Rink Area

Adorare Pro Series

Lighting to suit the atmosphere of your building

Lighting of public buildings

The light of the facade of public buildings can be a precision task. Collateral lighting of surrounding areas or structures easily occurs as the light is often sent from the ground up or horizontally. This way, light nuisance and pollution can easily arise. 


Lumosa has specially developed the Adorare Pro Series to give extra guidance to the light, with the use of light guides and lenses with extra focus.

Lumosa product | LED lighting | luminaire light guides

Historical buildings and monuments

The Adorare Pro Serie has emerged as the solution to enlighten the faces of historical buildings and monuments. The LEDs are deliberately chosen because of their yellowish and warm colour. This way, the lighting of the facade suits the characteristics of the historical building, even though it is produced by the latest technological developments.

LED lighting | Public lighting church side view Sint Lambertuskerk Rosmalen

Modern structures

Bright, white light is used to light up modern constructions, like bridges, modern city houses and skyscrapers to create an extra modern look. The building will also receive extra attention. Truly in the spotlight!

Lumosa product | LED lighting | luminaire zoomed in on 60 degree lens


The Adorare Pro Series can be easily controlled with the intuitive LumosaTouch application. The innovative application can be linked with an astronomical clock or movement sensors to produce a fully autonomic lighting system. Additionally, it is also possible to divide the light into separate divisions, which can be handy when multiple buildings are lit at once. 


Would you like to truly put on a show on special occasions? The LumosaTouch app allows you to steal the show with a lightshow on you favorite song at the press of a button!

LED lighting | Public lighting Kerkplein Skating Rink Area

Want to know more?

We customize all our projects for the best lighting experience. Curious what we can do for you? 

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