LED lighting industry | boat in hall with lighting Damen Shipyards DSV

Damen Shipyards Vlissingen

Bon voyage conventional lighting.


Damen Shipyards Vlissingen (DSV) is fully equipped to convert, repair and service all types of vessels from commercial, offshore, navy up to mega yachting. Good lighting is of uttermost importance to create a pleasant and safe workspace. 

LED lighting industry | view boat side shipbuilding hall with controlled lighting Damen Shipyards DSV

Focus points

The old lighting on the dock load, outdoor and welding shed was in need of replacement. Focus points for DSV were energy reduction and luminaires with a long life span. 


The lighting design and energy scan showed a significant amount of energy reduction, improved uniformity of light and less luminaires. Saving costs all over the place. The long life span and sporadic need of maintenance will reduce the bill in the long run even more. 

LED lighting industry | Industry hall Damen Shipyards (DS)

Astra series

The constuction hall is very high, which makes it quite a challenge for the light to reach the floor. Lumosa is able to direct the light with a narrow beam. The light reaches eye level whithout it scattering around for high visibility and comfort.  

LED lighting industry | shipbuilding hall with controlled lighting Damen Shipyards DSV

Fancy a visit?

Do you want to see it with your own eyes? Contact us, we can arrange a visit for you. 

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