Led lighting sport | new football luminaire FC Dordrecht

FC Dordrecht

Time to shine!

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1. Ajax

2. PSV

3. FC Dordrecht


The third club in the Netherlands with a light show!


Led lighting sport | football match FC Dordrecht

A change for the better

The existing over 80 conventional luminaires, using up to 2350 Watt each (188.000 Watt) were replaced by only 64 LED luminaires using 1.600 Watt each (104.000 Watt).


Light intensity was increased from under 800 lux to close to 1000 lux with the Lumosa Stadio Pro luminaires. The energy cost of the luminaires was reduced by 45%, even though the light intensity was increased by almost 25%! With our custom light design we were able to achieve a evenly lit pitch, despite only 4 posts being available to mount the 64 luminaires on.

Led lighting sport | old football luminaire FC Dordrecht


Rik Maaskant - Commercial Director FC Dordrecht

Led lighting sport | football match FC Dordrecht

The envy of your opponents

The custom light show gives the supporters an extra energy boost oto spur on their favorite team. In addition, the moral of the players is boosted by the ambience and the well-lit stage they get to perform on and are the envy of their opponents.

Lumosa product | LED lighting | luminaire CS860 Pro


FC Dordrecht have opted for LumosaTouch. LumosaTouch is connected to a scheduling program which allows it to light up the pitch when needed without even a press of a button. They also have an easy view into their energy consumption and better yet: Energy savings!

Lumosatouch LED lighting sports | desktop view with power consumption of the Lumosa lights

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Led lighting sport | football top view FC Dordrecht