We are Lumosa

At Lumosa, we believe in an electrically powered future. A future where every kWh is used to its maximum potential, without emissions or waste. We want to contribute to that today. With smart solutions that always represent a big step forward - in consumption, performance and service life. We do this based on the conviction that every lamppost and every charging station counts. LED by LED, we are making the world a little better.

Team of specialists

The time for dreaming is over, sustainability is mainly a matter of doing. We have all the expertise to actually make a difference. We have specialists in mechanics, electronics and software and make everything ourselves. We do that the Lumosa way: superior quality, premium service, future-oriented, open connection with other devices and systems, and always as sustainable as possible. Straight from the technological heart of the Netherlands. 

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We stand for

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We are realistic, forward-looking and enjoy building a long-term and sustainable environment for others as well as ourselves. Doing things smarter today for tomorrow's generation.
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Premium quality

Quality & service are always top of mind. When we launch something, it works perfectly and we can confidently offer the most extensive services and guarantees.


We appreciate the world and each other. As a family business, we believe in teamwork and communicate in an accessible and open manner. Personal attention to make you feel at home. Always.
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We always see room for improvement and are not afraid to step into the unknown. With smart solutions that always represent a big step forward, we are preparing for the future.

Working at Lumosa

Are you looking for a fun job in The Netherlands where you can really make a difference? At Lumosa, we are always looking for talent!

LED's connect

We use our knowledge and experience to channel energy in the right direction. Everything we make connects, with our software as the binding force. Lumosa Touch is a smart application that is prepared for future features and applications. An app that is ready for an ecosystem in which everything works together. We are already making that future tangible with LumosaTouch. The intelligent software offers optimum convenience and user-friendliness to sports clubs, companies and organisations around the world. They can save a lot of energy with little effort. That's what we mean by following through.

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Future proof

We want to move forward. Doing things smarter today for the next generation. Together with partners who are as driven as we are. Now with the best LED solutions, tomorrow with smart charging stations, and the next innovations are already in development. Somewhere between energy generation, storage, charging and optimal consumption, you will find Lumosa helping to further accelerate the energy transition. Straight from the technological heart of the Netherlands.

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The light ahead.

If you ask us how we do things, we say: now. The momentum is there. We want to make maximum use of it, but only with mature products. Well thought out and proven. No rushed first-to-market strategy for us. When we launch something and put the Lumosa name on it, it works perfectly and we can confidently offer the most extensive services and guarantees. Here and now, because the future waits for no one.

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