Lumosa LED lighting

Thanks to our background in energy-efficient LED lighting, we have all the expertise that is needed to make a real difference. Lumosa's LED lighting is completely tailor made. We listen to your needs, look at the possibilities and then develop a personal lighting plan focused only on the very best quality. All fittings are then accurately positioned (in house) so that they can be directly installed at your location. 100% safe, of superior quality & with the guarantee that it works perfectly.

Lumosa Vista Pro
For all stadiums: from small to large
Lumosa Corona
For all medium-sized to large sports grounds
Lumosa Piazzo Pro
For small to medium-sized indoor and outdoor sports fields

LumosaTouch software

Everything we make connects, with our software as the binding force. Lumosa Touch is a smart application that is prepared for future features and applications. An app that is ready for an ecosystem in which everything works together. The intelligent software offers optimum convenience and user-friendliness to sports clubs, companies and organisations around the world. 

Save a lot of energy with little effort? Easily automate your lighting, have insight into your energy consumption and link LumosaTouch with other systems, such as an access or reservation system. Easy, right?

Lumosa Lumosatouch
Lumosa Lichtplan Op Maat

Customised lighting plan

Lumosa Lichtarmaturen Volledig Uitgericht

Fixtures positioned in house

Lumosa Ledverlichting Veilig En Efficient

Safely & efficiently installed

Lumosa Energie Besparen Lumosatouch

Saving energy with LumosaTouch

Modular & sustainable

Our modular charging stations are optimally sustainable: where necessary, only small parts need to be replaced instead of the complete product. Everything works on existing infrastructure, so the step towards more energy-efficient light is much easier to make. Accessible and modular. All of our products will be DC-ready in the future, prepared for the day when direct current finally becomes the norm.

For our future

Our products contribute to a more sustainable world, a world prepared for the future. LED lighting reduces your energy consumption, lowers CO2 emissions, has better quality and a long product life. In addition, only the very best and most efficient LEDs are used in our fittings. Combined with an innovative driver, this provides the highest lumen/watt ratio possible. Resulting in the highest quality light in the field, without light pollution.

Lumosa Ledverlichting Duurzaamheid

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Yes, LED lighting from Lumosa is definitely suitable for all sports fields and stadiums. It is a sustainable replacement for conventional lighting and a lot more energy efficient, allowing you to save a lot of energy costs. In addition, LED lighting provides an even distribution of light on the field, improving the perception of movement. Which is great for players and spectators alike.

Another great advantage of LED lighting is that it requires practically no maintenance, which can save even more money. The fittings require occasional cleaning but require no further maintenance. Arrangements can often be made with installers for maintenance of LED lighting.

The energy and cost you can save by switching to LED lighting is different for each person and project, as it depends on many factors. The energy costs you can save depend, among other things, on the characteristics of your sports field, business or public space as well as the lighting you currently use. In most cases, we see savings of up to 65%!

LED lighting has many advantages. First of all, many sports clubs, businesses and municipalities choose LED lighting because of its longevity (hello sustainability!). LED also uses significantly less energy, allowing you to save significantly on energy costs. In addition, with good LED lighting you create a more uniform light distribution on your sports field, LED does not need time to warm up first and with LED you also have the option to dim the light. An added benefit of Lumosa is that you can use the LumosaTouch app to control your LED lighting, making it easy to save energy.

Lumosa's LED lighting is completely tailor-made. Thanks to our background in energy-efficient LED lighting, we have all the expertise that is needed to make a real difference. With specialists in mechanics, electronics and software, we make everything ourselves. Always with superior quality, premium service and as sustainable as possible. We listen to your needs and then create a personal customised lighting plan. All fittings are accurately positioned (in house) so that they can be directly installed at your location. 100% safe. And easily controlled with our proprietary LumosaTouch app to save energy and costs.

Need help?

We are happy to help you. In fact, we love to.So don't hesitate to reach out to us for your questions :-)

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