The time for dreaming is over, sustainability is mainly a matter of doing. Thanks to our background in energy-efficient LED lighting, we have all the expertise that is needed to make a real difference. With specialists in mechanics, electronics and software, we make everything ourselves. We always have that dot on the horizon in mind, constantly keeping in mind how to develop a product easily and, most importantly, sustainably. Always with quality and the impact on the planet in mind. How? By learning from the world, our customers and each other. Doing things smarter today for the next generation.

DC ready

At Lumosa, we always find room for improvement. For example, LED lighting is already essentially energy efficient. We make it extra sustainable by building solutions that are as modular as possible. This makes it easy to replace a small part instead of the whole fitting. Everything works on existing infrastructure, so the move to more energy-efficient light is much easier to achieve. Accessible and modular... we apply these same principles everywhere. And all of our products will be DC ready in the future, ready for the day when direct current finally becomes the norm.

Lumosa Ledverlichting Duurzaamheid

LED the light on

We only use the most efficient LEDs in our fittings. Combining this with the most innovative driver and top-notch thermal design gives the best lumen/watt ratio for quality light on the field. 

Lumosa Ledlight Sportlight About Us 01 (1)

A peek into the future

We take you to the year 2035. Imagine: you use various renewable energy sources and consume almost no mains energy. Your solar panels efficiently store the energy generated in a battery without it being converted into new energy. With the LumosaTouch app, you easily manage this energy so you use it as smartly as possible. For example, you set the dishwasher to do the dishes when renewable energy is generated.

Lumosa Energy 01

Generating and storing your own energy

Does this sound too good to be true? At Lumosa, we know this is part of the bright - sometimes still unknown - future. You generate your own energy through various energy chunks and use battery energy storage. You can choose to use this energy at times that are the most efficient and sustainable. All this so that no energy is lost and it costs as little as possible.

Here and now, because the future waits for no one.